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• What is an "Alpaca poncho?"

What are "Alpaca Ponchos?"

The alpaca poncho comes from the alpaca animal fur which is then hand woven into beautiful garments such as the alpaca ponchos and alpaca sweaters we carry on our site. The alpaca is a surefooted animal, is smaller than the llama, has longer, softer wool, and ordinarily is not used as a beast of burden. The natural habitat of the alpaca ponchos and clothing is in the heart of South America, the Andes mountains. Alpaca from alpacas that are raised on a farm and never killed are used to make these fine products, this wool is very light and as soft as silk.

• Alpaca Poncho Colorations Many alpaca ponchos are marked by rich color contrasts, our alpaca poncho styles are styled after the classic alpaca ponchos worn in Ecuador and the Andean highlands region. Black, Crimson and burgundy alternate with jade, brown and tan, are common color combinations. many styles and models come and go very fast so please keep checking the alpaca poncho page for daily updates!
• Alpaca Ponchos and sweaters made from baby alpaca?

What is Baby alpaca

the term Baby Alpaca is actually just an industry term, in reality it dose not always relate to the age of the alpaca rather it relates to the fineness of the fibers that produced these particular alpaca ponchos. There are several grades of alpaca fiber, so although it is true the Baby alpacas typically have very fine fleeces and as alpacas age, the fineness of their fiber tends to decrease, to counteract this, selective breeding is done, resulting in many adult alpacas that continually produce baby alpaca grade fiber and ponchos. Thus the term baby Alpaca is an industry term relating to the Grade of fiber rather then the age of the alpaca.

• Alpaca Products Alpaca Products at wholesale prices! Alpaca Ponchos in a variety of colors and sizes. Alpaca Rugs & bead spreads -custom sizes available- all sizes of Alpaca Sweaters, Large, Medium and Small - Cardigan or Pullover. Alpaca Teddy Bears 2 feet tall or as small as 12in, Alpaca Ponchos Soft And Gorgeous!
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